Hello!! Lets get PLN'd!

What is PLN - where am I?

This Wiki is a bit adhoc - it contains 'stuff' I find and refer my students to. Some pages are well put together - others are not.
Ideally if I have students interested it would become their space too as they would become contributors. So far that little dream has not happened.

In the mean time I think quite a number of teachers have requested to join. You do not need to join this wiki to use its contents with your students.
The site is open to you and your students. I am a shareaholic and would love to know that the site is being used by others. In fact given the interest
I am considering opening a Victorian English Teachers Wiki that will have contributors to see what happens - is there enough interest there?

If you do use the site - drop me a line and tell me how you use it. If you have ideas let me know what they are. If you want to know how to create
one of these yourself I can offer some useful connections and resources and some personal support. The fist thing you need to do is
connect with me in a much better place than here.

So...Come and join me in my professional learning journey by linking with me in any one of these places. Be sure to let me know
what your current teaching interests are so I can put you into the right circles or groups and send in in the right direction for further support.

1. Email me and/or connect with me on Google + nenifoofer@gmail.com

2. Join me on twitter @nenifoofer Be sure to message me and let me know how we connect as teachers.

3. Follow me at Diigo - I have and contribute to several groups - VCE English ; VATE; Other groups you may like to join are
OZ/NZ Educators English Teachers NOTE - you do not need to join a group to 'follow' and look up what is in my shared bookmark library.

4. Live Binders

5. Edmodo (Under construction :) )

6. My You Tube Channel

I have a rather dead blog here too: