This page will guide you through pages and resources for Encountering Conflict and responding to it.

Please visit each page in order -

Understanding the Context

Use the information on this page to identify the types, causes and responses to conflict we see in Paradise Road.

Encountering Conflict
This page has general notes about conflict and is intended to deepen your understanding of the context and the task

Paradise Road

This page gives you some key material about Paradise Road - and the issues, ideas and arguments within it.
Please take a look at the material and cosider how you might like to use some of it in an expository, perusasive or imaginative response.

Writing Advice
This page is dedicated to reminding you of what good writing is and what examiners are looking for

Context essay Advice
This pages reminds you it is all in the THINKING

6plus 1 Traits
This is another page about good writing!

Show Don't Tell
This page is essential viewing if you wish to write well in an imaginative or reflective way!

Ideas to get you thinking
A series of quotes which are potential prompts!

Sample response and advice
Based on a practice exam topic
Web Resources
General links to other conflict material

Conflict Live Binder
My collection of weblinks in a folder

Encountering Conflict Scoop it Magazine
Another perhaps more up to date resource

Diigo VCE group - be sure to search for the key word conflict (You need to be a member of the group to see these resources)