Extreme sport Research Tasks

Part 1: research
Part 2: Complete a feature article
Part 3: Prepare an oral presentation

Part 1
Please go to simon – resources – library and click on the link for graphic organisers http://www.sjcmda.vic.edu.au/web/library/graphic_organisers/graphic_organisers_index.html
Download the electronic note making document. This is to be used to complete the following:
Select an extreme sport of interest to you. This is your research topic. You need to answer the following questions about the topic by doing some research. When you have done this you will be writing an informative article for a magazine about the sport you choose. The researching must be completed as homework ready for week one of term 2 -
A. Put these questions in the boxes on the left hand side-
B. then use the middle box to copy and paste information and the web address from sites you research.
C. Finally in the last column put this information in your own words in order to answer the questions using your own language skills.
The Questions:
1 – What do you actually do in this sport – describe the skills and the way the competition or game is played. Explain why it is known as an ‘extreme’ sport
2 – make a list of words and phrases that describe the sport – and state what they mean – for example to ‘clean bowl someone’ in cricket means to have the ball knock over the stumps when a batsman completely misses the ball. A ‘golden duck’ means a batsman has gone out before he has hit a run. Each sport does have its own language – what are the words and phrases specific to this sport that may not be known or understood by people who know little about it?
3 – what is the history of this sport? When did it start? Who started it? How did it evolve?
4- gather information on 2 sport stars in this sport and say why they are stars of the sport
5 – If you wished to play this sport where could you and how could you? What do you need in equipment? How much would that cost? What club could you join? How far would you need to travel?
6- find information about issues related to the sport – who criticises it? What do they criticise? Why?
7- any other questions you make up yourself!

Part 2:
Part 3: