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Opera - a drama set to music
Opera buffa - opera comedy
Written by Mozart, Libretto by Lorenzo de Ponte.
Full title: Cosi fan tutte ossia la scuola degli amanti - This translates in a number of ways
  • 'That is how they all do it'
  • 'The school for lovers'
  • 'Thus do all women'
  • 'Women are like that'

Regardless of the translation it presents a cynical view of love and the role women play.
Explores infidelity, unpredictable nature of love, and portrays women in a way that would now be considered sexist.
The Opera was originally attacked for portraying women as faithless
The opera invites modern audiences to reflect on characters such as Nick and Doug.

Outline of the story of the opera - wikipedia

What parallels are there between this story and stories of the characters in Cosi?

Video Links to performances of the Opera.