Louis Nowra's Cosi

NOTE - if you find material on the web on this text ensure it correlates with VCE requirements. This text has been on the NSW curriculum in the same way our creating and presenting texts are done - so sample tasks from NSW will not necessarily exemplify what is expected of you.


You need to be able to make connections between the context of the play and how we
construct meaning from this. In this case you need to understand the social attitudes
to Vietnam during the 1970's and understand what moratoriums were about. You also
need to develop and understanding of radical social attitudes to relationships, commitment
and sex (free love). It is also important to grasp that mentally ill people were treated
differently in the 1970's compared to how they are treated now - both in terms of the way we treat
them as people and the way medical and psychological science has changed the treatment of
various diseases of mental health. Finally, you need to understand the context of the Opera Cosi fan tutte and analyse how this is used by Nowra to explore concepts and themes in the play.
Vietnam Moratorium
Brief history
Conscription and Public dissent includes images of anti war posters
Fryer online library exhibition - Images and history
Article - Interview with Dave Holmes about becoming an activist in Melbourne - this is an excellent article explaining the social context of Melbourne which is the background to the play.

'Free Love'

Mental Illness
This page has notes from a study guide and a link to a broader history of the treatment of mental illness.

Cosi fan tutte

Communism - links and resources on communism can be found on the previously used text page - The Crucible.

Other resources on Cosi
BHS Blog (includes a large range of Cosi topics and sample essays - very much worth a read)

2011 Examiners report - please read The section on text response. Read and take note of points made on pages 1-2 - 3. Take the time to read the sample essays even though they are not on Cosi,
The Cosi SAC task - feedback
The Age Education guide - Cosi

Cosi resource at the Cambridge website: