3x1000 word essays in 3 hours....how do you do that??

You need to be well prepared. That means you know

  • what each section of the exam is expecting of you and you know the material you need to know for each one.
  • the skills of writing and forms of writing required in your response.
  • how to make the best use of your dictionary in the exam
  • you know how to quickly brainstorm and plan a topic response
  • what your 'demons' are so you remember to avoid them.

Aside from what you 'know' you need to be well equipped. this means you have

  • the correct unlabelled full water bottle
  • layers of clothing suited to the room climate
  • a variety of pens of different shapes and sizes - Changing pens is my top tip for avoiding writer's cramp!
  • highlighter
  • a dictionary that has nothing written in it or on it (your name is allowed I think)

Aside from what you need to know and what equipment you need you need to be fit - brain fit!

  • sleep well especially the night before - if you don't know it by then it will not happen in the next 12 hours so go to sleep
  • eat well - both on the day before and for breakfast. This is especially important if you get the 11 am munchies boys! Big brekkies please.
  • Don't rely on 'Mother' or 'Boost'...they will not make the appropriate brain cells work better. In fact - you should avoid all 'not so good' food and drink and stick with healthy choices for a good few weeks so you feel well, alive and alert.
  • Avoid over indulging in alcohol, especially in premature celebration of 'finishing' yr 12. Wait until it really is over!

During the three hours you must have a break and you must stretch.

  • flex fingers
  • wiggle toes
  • streatch legs one at a time out under your table without disturbing person in front of you
  • stratch arms to sides, down to floor
  • lift your head as if you are being picked up by a hook
  • pretend you have a back brace on for a few minutes
  • breath - in through the nose, out through the mouth...make diaphragm do the right thing - which is to pull down not out
  • tense and relax muscles around your body
  • if your hand/arm/elbow is cramping stop, stretch it and CHANGE PENS

Finally - the best kind of preparation is to be well trained - practice writing to time limits - 1 piece in 1 hour at first - then build up to the three...every time you have a go your teacher will assist with feedback.

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